In this post, we have compiled a list of the best pole dancing classes in Tacoma, WA. If you are hoping to start a pole fitness class this year and live in the area, any of these studios will be able to help you achieve your goals.

This article is regularly updated as studios are popping up all around Washington, each offering their own unique vibe.

We feel it is vital to provide you with several alternatives when thinking about taking a pole dancing course in Philadelphia, which is why we’ve taken customer feedback into account. In short, you are spoilt for choice!

These options should fit any dancer’s needs: whether it be a drop-in one-off class or an entire pole dancing course, either way, you will be in good hands with any of these studios and their professional instructors.

The Best Pole Dancing Classes in Tacoma, WA (2024)

The Best Pole Dancing Classes in Tacoma, WA

Athena Vertical Dance

Athena Vertical Dance

Touted for having some of the most widespread pole dancing classes in the Tacoma area, Athena Vertical Dance allows you to express yourself through any art form in their artsy studio. From novices to advanced pole dancers, Athena Vertical Dance has a class for everyone.

Spanning from Intro to Pole to Sexy Flow and Choreography to Exotic Flow and Conditioning Class, this pole dance studio has a robust array of class offerings to round out their regimen. Additional class types include Sensual Flow, Hard Flow and Heel Work, Intermediate Pole Flowography, and a Kids Circus Class. 

Within the Athena Vertical Dance studio, you’ll also find instructors who are committed to making pole dancing fun and exciting experience that takes place in a safe environment.

With years of training under their belt, the instructors at Athena Vertical Dance are professionals at spotting dancers and preventing injuries.

Teaching proper technique and accident avoidance is a top priority for the instructors at Athena Vertical Dance in Tacoma, 

You don’t have to practice pole alone, either, at Athena Vertical Dance. Studio parties are a great way to share your love of pole dancing with friends and have a good time doing so.

So, grab your heels and a water bottle, and head on into Athena Vertical Dance for an hour-and-a-half pole party that will leave you breathless. Inside this studio, you’ll find pole parties, chair dance parties, and circus parties that also feature hoops and silks. 

Guests can call or simply show up for an Intro to Pole class to get started today! With unlimited classes that last for 30 days, you’ll have plenty of time to learn new skills and get comfortable with the pole.

Be sure to wear a pair of tight shorts and heels for movement purposes, and don’t wear any lotion. Per previous clients, you’ll find a “welcoming atmosphere, especially for beginners” at Athena Vertical Studio.

Also, teachers are “respectful and patient with new students and returning.” It’s no wonder why Athena Vertical Studio is one of the best in the area, and clients agree!


715 Commerce Street, Tacoma, WA 98402


Athena Vertical Dance


Unlimited Classes-Beginner$125
Unlimited Classes-Intermediate$150
Unlimited Classes-Advanced$175
Entire Studio Unlimited$225

Lilith Pole and Aerial Dance

Pole Dancing Classes in Tacoma

Athletic expression is what your journey is about when you attend pole dancing classes at Lillith Pole and Aerial Dance. This modern studio sets the tone for what to expect from their pole dancing classes that will make you push your limits in all the right ways.

Building strength through a solid foundation is key to successful and safe pole dancing, so Lillith Pole and Aerial Dance set the bar for these expectations. Creating beautiful moments in every class, clients can expect to leave with a new sense of self and newfound confidence in themselves. 

At Lillith Pole and Aerial Dance, instructors take pride in helping clients create new flexibility and gain strength in a way that is safe and beneficial to their well-being.

Encouraging class attendees to move at their own pace, our instructors are an ode to safe pole dancing protocols and proper technique governance. You simply won’t find a more professional pole dancing studio than Lillith Pole and Aerial Dance in Tacoma, WA. 

Those who are interested in trying out some pole dancing classes to see if it’s something you’d like can purchase a one-week trial on the Lillith Pole and Aerial Dance studio website.

Otherwise, you have several options for purchasing classes and ample opportunities for discounts.  A single drop-in class will run you $35, 60-minute private instruction will cost $75, and a 10-class punch card can be purchased for $300. 

You won’t just find pole dancing classes at Lillith Pole and Aerial Dance, either. Of course, Beginner/Intermediate Pole and Exotic Pole are on the agenda.

Yet, at this studio, you’ll also find Floor Work, Advanced Pole, Pole Conditioning, and Stretching & Flexibility class options. Saturday Workshops are even available to take your practice to the next level, too. This studio is known for its “encouraging instructors” and for its “clean and airy” studio setting. 


2310 Mildred St. W., Suite 136, Tacoma, WA 98466


Lilith Pole and Aerial Dance


Drop-In Class$35
90-Minute Workshop$45
Monthly Membership$225
Open Pole Time$15

The Toy Box Pole Dance Studio

The Toy Box Pole Dance Studio

Whether you’re looking for individual pole dancing classes, buddy sessions, or group classes, you’ll find everything you need and more at The Toy Box Pole Dance studio in Tacoma, WA. Offering classes in an atmosphere that is 100% private, this studio doesn’t even have any windows.

Concerned with privacy and one-on-one attention for all students, this studio has its client’s best interests in mind. In fact, one reviewer on Google stated her time at The Toy Box Pole Dance Studio as the “best time of my week.” While other attendees applaud this studio for “improving their fitness and ability level.”

Lead by a trainer named Kristen, who has been training in pole dancing since 1994, this studio has multiple competitions, events, and philanthropies they contribute to.

Raising money for a local man with cancer, advocating for animal shelters, and raising funds for the Special Olympics are just a few projects The Toy Box Pole Dance Studio has lead the way for.

Who knew that pole dancing enthusiasts could do so much for the local community? Yet, that is exactly what The Toy Box Pole Dance Studio stands for. Creating a space where everyone can be themselves for the betterment of the community is a key tenant of this local dance studio. 

Operating Monday through Saturday with a varying schedule filled with classes for all fitness levels, The Toy Box Pole Dance Studio offers morning, afternoon, and even sessions, along with appointment-based sessions, too.

You can choose from weekly class commitments to single drop-in classes and even add on nutrition programs or chair and lap dance sessions if you’d like. Parties are also available at The Toy Box Pole Dance Studio. You can have a fun girl’s night out or a fitness-based kid’s circus party at this studio. 

Dedicated to making the sport of pole dancing a normal fitness routine, The Toy Box Pole Dance Studio strives to make their studio a place of acceptance and empowerment. Taking control of your health and sensuality has never been as fun as it as at this pole dancing studio in Tacoma, WA. 


11006 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, WA 98444


The Toy Box Pole Dance Studio


Single Class$25
Single Group Class $35
Pay-As-You-Go 30 Minute Class$25
Weekly Packages$20-$50

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