Pole dancing is among the best ways to exercise as you enjoy yourself!  Are you planning to enroll in pole dancing classes in Kansas City? Try out any of the following pole dancing studios we have listed, and you won’t be disappointed! 

Pole dancing is all about cardio and resistance training; to achieve full-body workouts and improved flexibility. Pole dancers engage in acrobatic tricks, either propelling their weight or suspending it around the pole.

Climbing these poles is an unbelievable display of strength. It’s no surprise that many people who’ve started going to these pole dancing classes in Kansas City insist that they feel and look so much better. 

The Best Pole Dancing Classes In Kansas City, MO (2024)

Why So Many Women Are Choose Pole Dancing

Why So Many Women Are Choose Pole Dancing

Pole dancing helps people of all ages, sizes, and shapes to stay fit. It also comes with several mental and physical benefits, including:

  • Improved aerobic fitness
  • Better lungs and heart conditions
  • Improved motor fitness and muscular strength
  • Improved strength and muscle tone
  • Better flexibility, agility, and coordination
  • Stronger bones and better weight management
  • Improved social skills
  • Heightened self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Better mental functioning

With pole dancing becoming one of the most sought-after full-body workouts, we are thrilled to pinpoint specific studios where you can get unforgettable and beneficial pole dancing classes in Kansas!

The Best Pole Dancing Classes in Kansas City

Pole Worx Fitness

The Best Pole Dancing Classes in Kansas City

Pole Worx Fitness was started over ten years ago as a small studio, and it has transformed into a leader in providing unmatched pole dancing lessons. Pole Worx Fitness brings pole dancing as an international sporting activity to Kansas.

Pole Worx Fitness studio has a home-away-from-home atmosphere, and all our pole dancing classes are an excellent way to achieve fitness without straining too much. 

Reviewers have shown gratitude for the excellent training sessions from Pole Worx that have left them feeling younger and more energized. 


1611 Genessee Street, Kansas City, MO 64102



Class Cost
I time membership fee $20
4 Classes (men only) $45
Unlimited pole dancing classes for 1 month$80
3 months classes$70
6 months classes$60
12 months classes$50

There’s a Happy Hour party that features a distinct class once a month at a discounted price. 

The Stiletto Gym

The Stiletto Gym

This is a prestigious wellness and fitness boutique that’s designed to inspire women to feel fabulous as they keep fit. The Stiletto Gym makes their workouts exciting and fun by providing a wide range of feminine but influential wellness parties and classes.

This gym promises to offer you the best “Exertaining” Experience! They offer you a space that makes you feel like a “Vixen” through their “Celebrate Sexy’ parties and fitness classes. Whether it’s a birthday or bachelorette celebration, they have your back!

Book a space for your party, and they will help you with your celebration with any of their party packages. Joining any of their pole dancing classes will help you to remain fit as you have fun!


6133 Blue Ridge Blvd, Raytown Plaza, Kansas City, MO 64133



Class Cost
Mondays (Pole Yoga)$10
TuesdaysNo classes available
WednesdaysSpecial day & Workshop
Thursdays (Introduction to pole fitness)$10
Fridays – Reserved for booked private partiesNo classes available
Saturdays (Sexy Saturday)$15
SundaysNo classes available

Pole Fitness Studio at Shelia’s Closet

Pole Fitness Studio at Shelia's Closet

Pole dancing at Sheila’s Closet is fun and teaches clients how to perfect their pole dancing techniques by using graceful and effortless movements. Sheila’s Close also allows learners to remain behind after classes and practice by themselves. 

Reviewers love their pole dancing classes at Sheila’s Closet because of the respectful and passionate trainers and the opportunity to do more practice after classes.


13107 E State Rte 350 Raytown, MO 64138


Yelp Page

One pole fitness class$16
Three pole fitness class$48
Five pole fitness class$80

Dance Fit Flow

The Best Pole Dancing Classes In Kansas City, MO - dance fit flow

Dance Fit Flow is a leading pole dancing classes provider in Kansas City; they offer pole dancing classes exclusively to adults.

All their classes are designed to make you feel empowered, encouraged, and strong. If you’re looking for an accommodating atmosphere where pole dancing lessons are enjoyable, join them!

Reviewers appreciate that they can enroll in online classes, which are very convenient; they also enjoy using the Dance Flow Fit App, to sign up for classes, buy memberships and credits, view class schedules, and manage their accounts. 


1700 Locust Street, Suite 300, Kansas City, MO 64108



1 class credit$19
6 class credits$95
12 class credits$190
25 class credits$ 380
1 premium credit$25
4 premium  credits$100
Unlimited classes (1 week) $39

Alchemy Space Pole and Fitness

The Best Pole Dancing Classes In Kansas City, MO - Alchemy Space

This is a new pole dancing studio in Kansas City; they feature an attractive event space and fun pole dancing classes.

At Alchemy Space, you feel at your best for a reasonable price. Enjoy the music beats and drift away as you take in the scent of essential oils. 

Reviewers love the fact that they can hold their birthday and bachelorette parties at Alchemy. 


524 walnut st. Suite 340, Kansas City, MO 64106



Premium membership (6 months)$177 (pre-launch price)
A 10 pack (6 months)$200

​So there you have it, the best pole dance classes in Kansas City! Now get your pole fitness attire together and head over to your new pole fitness class to meet your new pole family and work on that smokin’ hot pole body! Oh, and don’t forget your pole grip!!

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