In this post, we share some of the best pole dancing classes in Austin (Texas) and why you might want to check one of them out. As the hype around pole dancing grows, more and more women are trying to get into the pole dancing community which is indeed a fun and empowering group of women.

Austin is a great spot with quite a few highly rated pole studios to choose from so it shouldn’t be a hassle to find the right one. That’s why we’ve put together an easily comprehensible list, so you can easily find the Austin pole dance class that’s perfect for you!

The Best Pole Dancing Classes in Austin, TX (2024)

What Makes A Good Pole Dancing Class?

What Makes A Good Pole Dancing Class?
  • Instructors
  • Participants
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Atmosphere/Vibe

When trying to find the best pole dancing class you might have limited options in Austin nevertheless, consider what your individual needs are – do you need a particular style or method of teaching? Are there any restrictions on who can attend the classes? If you have accessibility issues, does the studio offer options for this perhaps virtual classes?

Once you’ve considered these questions, look at each studio and their social profiles and reviews to see what people are saying. If you need to contact the studio, do not be afraid to after all you are seeking the best fit for your needs!

You should also inquire about taster sessions and if they have any rules or requirements (ie. do you need to wear a facemask etc.) because some studios do enforce Covid-19 protocol.

Best Pole Dancing Studios in Austin, Texas (2021)

Inner Diva Studios

Best Pole Dancing Studios in Austin - Inner Diva Studios

One of the best pole dancing classes in Austin, Inner Diva Studios. They might be the perfect match for you!

They happen to be the largest pole dance studio in Austin and offer an array of services depending on the occasion; whether it be your regular pole fitness class to help you smash your weight loss goals, or, a birthday party or bachelorette party, they have got you covered.

Pole fitness classes are oriented towards building your strength and core muscles and maintaining fun whilst engaging in rigorous activity. Employing instructors with years of pole dancing experience, you are sure to be content with the expertise of the instructors and their caring nature.

Activities range from Pole dance, Twerk classes, and Burlesque, or Chair dance that are offered for not only classes but parties as well! One thing is for sure booking a class just once will leave you wanting more!

With reviews lauding the professionalism and kindness of the instructors many have been left wanting more after their first session.

A 4.9-star rating is well worthy for the largest pole dance studio in Austin for sure!


10401 Anderson Mill Rd 104 Austin, TX 78750



5 classes$99
10 classes$149
20 classes$199
Month to Month Unlimited classes$99
1 pole class$25
All other non-pole classes (1 class)$15
1 private session$65
3 private sessions$180
5 private sessions$275

N.B. Make sure to check out Inner Diva Facebook page for monthly specials on classes, apparel, and memberships!

Brass Ovaries

Brass Ovaries

At over 14 years old Brass Ovaries is the oldest pole dance and aerial fitness studio in Austin.

Opening your doors to a new world, the studio operates a well-attended and maintained training facility that welcomes all kinds of people no matter your sexuality, size, gender the list goes on, basically anybody is welcome to walk into their doors!

Brass Ovaries has a diverse team of instructors that fit the aforementioned kinds of people welcomed to the studio. They have years of pole dancing and Aerial fitness experience under their belts so you are sure in for a ride. 

Classes are to be signed up for online and at least 10 days in advance, to make it easier for you, you can download the app and be able to schedule and book classes on the go!

As a newbie, it is okay to be a little nervous, and shouldn’t bother stressing yourself out on not getting every move right on the first try, the instructors are there to help you grow and build your strength and flexibility. Covid Protocol is followed, and guidelines are to be found on their website.

A 4.9 score for the Brass ovaries is sure to convince you to give them a try!


6039 N Interstate Hwy 35, Suite B

Austin, TX 78723



1 In-person group class$35
5 In-person group classes$150
Annual membership per month (15 classes per month)$150
Monthly membership per month for 3 months (15 classes per month)$175
1 private lesson$75
4 private lessons$275
10 private lessons$675



Sofly Social Studios brings to you the ultimate way to levitate, located in two locations in Webberville District and E. 6th street in eastern Austin you will surely have found an intimate and energizing environment.

The Sofly Socia pole dancing experience offers a great way to build both your inner and external strength through soulful routines. They are elite studios that have instructors that offer a variety of dance routines of which pole dancing is the main activity alongside Low Flow, Contemporary and Broadway fusion to exotic dance.

They sure aren’t kidding when they say their studios are nothing short of energizing and intimate as classes have impeccable sun-drenched daylighting and sensual lighting during the evening to offer the ultimate pole dancing experience to the Austin community.

Online classes are also available to those that need them and can be booked on their website. Going through their website to see their instructors in action will live you in Awe! Covid policies are also to be found on their site so ensure to check those out.

You can agree a cumulative rating of 4.9 from 181 reviews is exceptional.


2426 Webberville Road, Austin TX & 2401 E.6th Street #2020, Austin TX



Single group class$30
5 group classes$125
10 group classes$230
20 group classes$350
Private lesson (1 student)$80
Private lesson (2 students)$120
Private lesson 93 students)$155
Monthly memberships 10 classes a month$145

For more prices on studio rentals& party pricing etc visit the website!

Lache Movement Co.

Lache Movement Co.

Lache Movement Co is a little different from all the studios in this list as it is a little more PG-rated than the rest and operates more as a gym than a dance studio. It is a place for everyone, whatever age you are and many families come here for pole fitness, aerial hoop, aerial silks, and parkour classes of which the latter is probably a new concept to you as it is to me.

The pole routines at this gym are kept child friendly as participants are children as young as six years old and the focus is more on the fitness of things rather than risque routines.

The goal is to bring out everyone’s inner child by building strength and great workout routines through pole fitness.

Pole fitness here is meant to provide a gymnastic vibe to it that offers a great gym alternative and there are up to 3 classes for 3 different levels of skill from beginners, intermediate to advanced. No matter your skill level you will surely be catered to at Lache!

Classes are to be registered for online and participants are encouraged to wear gym wear to allow them to move freely.

A 5-star rating is well worth the experience that comes with access to multiple facilities and activities.


8868 Research Blvd. Austin, TX 78758



Unlimited open gym for a month$105
Unlimited open gym for a month plus 5 classes$115
Unlimited open gym for a month plus 10 classes$160
Unlimited open gym for a month plus 15 classes$200
Unlimited open gym for a month plus unlimited classes$220

N.B. Check out the 6 months and 12-month membership plans on their website!

Black Box Creative

Black Box Creative

A collaborative and diverse space you are sure to feel welcomed to the Black Box Creative community. It offers pole dancing, movement, fitness, and aerial arts classes to inspire creativity for those that entertain the idea of joining a pole dance and aerial fitness class.

The studio makes an effort to not only employ professional and experienced instructors, but instructors also come from minority groups such as people of color and the Queer community.

This ensures that the studio creates a safe space for all participants to learn and feel comfortable in all their glory which sure is a one-of-a-kind exhilarating experience.

Weekly Burlesque, pole dance, performance technique, and lap dance classes, etc are only a fraction of routines and activities this studio offers. Consisting of mainly three instructors with experience and a plethora of skills you are sure to get your money’s worth.

If you are seeking a space where you are sure to want to be at your most comfortable at all times then this might be the place for you!

A 5-star rating sure is a testament to the instructors and environment’s kindness and relaxed ambiance.





Hella Fun membership (3 classes per month)$66
Really Rad membership (5 classes per month)$99
All That membership (10 classes per month)$177
The Infinite membership (Unlimited classes per month)$199
Drop-in one class$25
One open studio visit$15
4 visit open studio pack$50

Visit the website for more prices on workshops and studio rentals!

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