In this post, we share some of the best pole dancing classes in Miami(Florida) and why you might want to check one of them out. As the hype around pole dancing grows, more and more women are trying to get into the pole dancing community which is indeed a fun and empowering group of women.

Miami is a great spot with quite a few highly rated pole studios to choose from so it shouldn’t be a hassle to find the right one. That’s why we’ve put together an easily comprehensible list, so you can easily grab your pole fitness kit and try out a cool new Miami pole dance class that suits you!

Best Pole Dance Classes In Miami, FL (2024)

The Best Pole Dancing Class Takes The Following Into Consideration:

The Best Pole Dancing Class Takes The Following Into Consideration:
  • Instructors
  • Participants
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Atmosphere/Vibe

When trying to find the best pole dancing class in Miami, consider what your individual needs are – do you need a particular style or method of teaching? Are there any restrictions on who can attend the classes? If you have accessibility issues, does the studio offer options for this?

Once you’ve considered these questions, look at each studio and their social profiles and reviews to see what people are saying. If you need to contact the studio, do not be afraid to after all you are seeking the best fit for your needs!

You should also inquire about taster sessions and if they have any rules or requirements (ie. do you need to wear a facemask, is it women-only etc.)

Best Pole Dancing Classes in Miami, Florida (2021)

Milan Pole Dance Studio

Best Pole Dance Classes In Miami: Milan Pole Dance Studio

Not only is Milan Pole Dance studios found in Miami, but it is also one studio out of four studios worldwide with the other three studios located in Milan, Singapore, and Montreal. You are sure to be spoiled with world-class facilities that provide an oasis of aerial arts and pole dance activities.

These range from spinning on a pole, to dancing in a hoop and spinning in a hammock! And for those who can’t make it for in-person studio lessons worry not as the studio offers online studio sessions that allow you to explore the art of pole dancing and aerial arts from the comfort of your home.

Classes are catered to whoever entertains the idea of indulging in aerial and pole dance and range from intro to advanced level classes. Each class is 60 minutes and is meant to challenge you, with instructors combining activities from turns and tricks to build on your strength, confidence, and flexibility.

It is wise to contact the studio should you have previous pole dancing experience so that you are sure to be allocated a class that is the perfect fit for your skill level.

The studio has an app that can be downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, for bookings and viewing of schedules of which classes should be booked two weeks in advance.

Not only is the app easy to navigate but is also strengthened by incredible service from instructors, with reviews praising the diverse range of activities and the sense of community created by the studio which has resulted in an outstanding 5-star review.


250 NW 23rd St #408, Miami, FL 33127, United States



New Pole dancer promo unlimited (Valid first month only)$175
1st time 1 class$25
10 class pack$220
15 class pack$299
25 class pack$450
Unlimited 1 month$245
Weekly pass (5 classes)$125

N.B. For the complete pricing list that includes studio rentals download their mobile app!

Kitty Kat Pole Dancing

Best Pole Dancing Studios in Miami, Florida: Kitty Kat Pole Dancing

Kitty Kat Pole Dancing brings you a one-of-a-kind pole dancing experience that brings technical training to pole dancing and hosts Pole Parties that are sure to have you in fear of missing out.

They are located in central Miami and are only a stone’s throw away from South Beach. They offer great pole dancing classes that serve the purpose of strengthening your fitness abilities, toning your body, and helping you lose weight.

Additionally, they host events to unite cancer survivors, new singles and are a great way to make new friends. The head instructor Cynthia has been running Kitty Kat Pole Dance studios for over 14 years and was inspired to open her studio because of her attraction to pole dancing as a method of losing weight, keeping fit, and being active and healthy.

Easily the most popular on the list The studio hamade a name for itself having made appearances on mainstream TV networks such as Bravo, TLC, Plum and MTV, and other local entertainment programs.

This comes as no surprise as Cynthia has over 13 years of pharmaceutical marketing experience which she has managed to bring forth to her studio.

First-time pole dancers are often encouraged to arrive at least 15 minutes early and to ensure they are in proper gym attire that includes long pants or leggings and first classes are to be conducted barefooted.

With various services to offer along with highly-rated instructors, a cumulative 4.8-star rating from 165 reviews is a stellar achievement.


3301 NE 1st. Avenue, Suite 113 Miami, FL 33137



One private Lapdance lesson$100
One private Pole Dancing lesson$125
2 students one-hour pole dance class$225
3 one hour private pole dancing lessons$350
5 private one-hour pole dancing lessons$599
10 Private One hour Lessons$1200


Sexy Sassy Strong

Sexy Sassy Strong

No matter your age, size, body type right down to postpartum moms, Sexy Sassy Strong studios has you covered. The environment is curated to be comfortable, non-judgemental, and all about women empowerment.

The studio has something for everybody from burlesque to exotic dance and pole dancing, it’s all there! Instructors are there to guide you and provide their expertise to make a space that rivals a conventional gym but that offers a far more enjoyable experience for the client.

This is the perfect studio to keep you fit and strong through pole dancing and instructors are there to make sure that you are placed in a group of women who have the same skill and capabilities as you to make classes comfortable and fun.

Various pole techniques are offered at Sexy Sassy Strong so whether you are looking to learn a simple routine or sexy and sassy routines they’ve got you covered.

Instructors are always open to hearing suggestions so they can enhance your experience for future classes.

A 4.7 star rating is sure to convince you to give in to the hype!


1791 SW 3rd Ave Miami, FL 33129


Mind Body Online Booking Page


3 classes$19.99

Contact the studio for more prices!

Pole Dance Miami

Best Pole Dancing Studios in Miami, Florida: Pole Dance Miami

Pole dance Miami offers an array of services from intense pole dancing classes that are great for exercise and fun, to hosting parties that offer the perfect excuse for a lady’s night out and private training is available to those that prefer individual instruction and attention.

As an alternative to the gym, Pole Dance studios offer pole fitness, yoga, pilates, and other services alongside pole dancing so if you happen to be bored at the gym this could be the right place for you.

You are encouraged to bring yoga mats or rent from the studio for $1 if you prefer, bringing kneepads especially as a beginner would be of great advantage to you to protect your knees from potential bruising.

Anyone and everybody is welcome, you do not need a dance or fitness background to join classes but classes are only available by booking.

Clients are appreciative of the relaxed atmosphere and the professional instructors earning the studio a cool 4.8 stars.

N.B. At the time of writing, the studio is only currently open for party events. Please contact them to find out what the current status is.


7207 SW 48th St Miami, Florida 33155



Single class$20
4 classes$49
10 classes$98
20 classes$149
Unlimited month$159
Unlimited month day time classes$119
Unlimited Day 3 months$109
Single private class$80
4 session private package$295

Pole Felony Fitness

Best Pole Dancing Studios in Miami, Florida: Pole Felony Fitness

Pole Felony Fitness’s mission is to help you exceed your expectations by empowering you to get excited about your pole fitness journey.

Pole dancing is known to boost your self-esteem and confidence levels and this is exactly what this studio harnesses in its clientele. Established in 2015 the studio has been promoting and instilling the pole dancing artform in students around Miami and beyond. 

They offer a range of classes each with a particular purpose, Pole conditioning that involves pole drills, Fexy felon which is an exercise to tighten muscles, and the Pole Princess amongst many others that is for pole dancing students in their intermediate phase.

An exceptional 5-star rating comes from students that are satisfied with not only the instructors but the ambiance of the studio.


18970 NE 4th Ct, Miami, FL 33179, USA



1 pole fitness class$25
1 Open Pole Practice$18
4 Pole class pack$90
10 class pack$180
Unlimited Monthly Pass$230
6-month unlimited pass (per month)$195 
1 private pole lesson$85

That’s it! I hope this post was useful and helped you find the best pole fitness class in Miami! Remember, you can a few until you find the vibe and atmosphere that suits you best! Let us know how it goes and be sure to log your progress in our Pole Fitness Journal!

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