The modeling industry is highly competitive and complex.

Aspiring models must do their best to make sure they stand out among the dozens of other hopefuls vying for the same roles.

One key factor in this process is scouts – those responsible for scouring the streets, attending shows, or receiving portfolios from agents in order to find the perfect model for a particular job or campaign.

But what exactly do these scouts look for when making their selections? This article will provide an overview of what criteria scouts and agencies typically use when selecting potential models so that you can better prepare yourself as you pursue your modeling dreams.

Physical Attributes

For many types of modeling jobs, physical attributes are a major factor in determining whether someone is suitable or not.

Some commonly desired traits include height (typically 5 feet 8 inches and above), weight proportional to height, body type (slim/toned rather than bulky), good skin tone, healthy hair and teeth, clear eyesight with no need for glasses, and symmetry between facial features like eyebrows and ears.

Additionally, some campaigns may require specific features such as long legs or strong arms depending on the aesthetic associated with them.


These physical attributes are often essential requirements before any other considerations come into play; if one does not match up with these standards then it’s unlikely they will be chosen by a scout regardless of any other qualities they might possess.

Personality Traits & Characteristics

In addition to physical appearance there are also certain personality traits which agencies tend to prefer in potential models – even more so than looks! Adaptability is an important quality since different campaigns may ask models to assume different styles; being able to switch quickly between looks while maintaining professionalism throughout is highly desirable.

Confidence without arrogance is another sought-after trait; being able to take direction well but also offer ideas confidently when needed shows independence yet willingness collaborate effectively within a team environment.

Being personable overall plays well too – having pleasant social skills makes working alongside people much easier which helps everyone involved get great results at shoots or events where multiple personalities need work together harmoniously towards common goals! Finally self-awareness goes hand-in-hand with confidence: knowing your strengths as well weaknesses allows you present yourself accurately while still standing out from competitors who don’t have such insight into themselves.


Competency In Movement And Posing

Beyond visual appeal alone many scouting processes involve assessing competency in movement – how comfortable someone feels shifting poses during photoshoots ets.

, as well as general gracefulness displayed during runway walks etc.


Since pose changes need happen swiftly on set it’s important that candidates show adaptability here too – adjusting postures comfortably even under pressure whilst ensuring posture remains consistent across each shot taken.


It’s helpful practice prior auditions rehearsing poses beforehand either front mirror home using online tutorials available YouTube etc.

, get familiar how create balance through body language help make impression prospective clients!

Presentation Of Self & Portfolio Creation

Finally though presentation itself can be just influential actual portfolio content , first impressions always count ! When sending portfolios via email ensure all images included high quality resolution appropriate format , accompanied written information about experience relevant contact details .

Photographers should credited properly recognition due photographers whose work used part project ; similarly brochures CVs etc.

, should presented neatly clearly legible font size .


Most importantly however remember showcase unique elements personal style give edge competition opposing applicants similar qualifications ! After all ultimately looking differentiate amongst suitably qualified individuals picking right candidate based own individual flair .




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