Being a model is an attractive career for many young people, as it offers the chance to travel, make good money and be part of the glamorous fashion industry.

But despite its allure, there are some important questions that need answering before taking the plunge into modeling – namely: what is a good age to start modeling?

The answer varies depending on which type of modeling you’re interested in pursuing.

Read on to learn more about when is the right time to get started in this exciting industry.

Types Of Modeling And Their Typical Age Ranges

Before we dive into when you should start modeling, let’s take a look at some of the different types available so that you can better understand each one’s unique age requirements:

  • Fashion Modeling: This type involves walking down runways or being featured in high-end magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

    This requires models who are typically between 16-25 years old.

  • Commercial Print Modeling: This kind of modelling usually involves advertisements for products such as clothing or food items that appear in print publications such as magazines or billboards.

    It tends to feature models who are between 18-35 years old.

  • Plus Size/Curvy Models: These models have curves and body shapes outside traditional beauty standards.

    They tend to work with plus size brands, campaigns, editorials and runway shows; their typical age range is 25 – 35 years old.

Tips For Getting Started In The Industry At Any Age

No matter your current age or experience level, there are certain steps everyone needs to take if they want to begin their journey into becoming a model.

Here are some tips for getting started no matter how old you may be:

  1. Research Agencies : Start by looking up agencies near where you live that represent models similar in terms of looks/style to yourself (or ones specializing specifically in representing curvy/plus size talent).

    Most reputable agencies will list all their criteria online so make sure you meet these requirements before applying.

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