If you are looking for the best pole dance classes in Grand Rapids, MI then look no further. This article will feature some of the best studios in the city and what they have to offer!

Good pole dance classes are hard to come by! So finding one that is suitable for your needs is of utmost importance. After all, pole dance is a consuming and demanding fitness journey that is contrary to a yoga class. It takes skill and consistency to learn pole dancing techniques!

It can also be intimidating if you are new to the sport or uncomfortable should you find yourself in unwelcoming space. Fortunately, some studios also offer private lessons should working out in a group not be the best fit for you. Since pole studios aren’t always within reach, we have also incorporated a top-rated online pole studio as an alternative to in-person studios.  

The digital age has also brought to life online studios run by experts and world-renowned pole champions. Hence, we recommend that you keep your options open to make the search easier for you. Pole dancing should be accessible to everyone!

With all these factors in mind, tune in to learn about the best pole dancing classes in Grand Rapids, MI.

The Best Pole Dancing Classes In Grand Rapids, MI (2024)

Best Pole Dancing Classes In Grand Rapids, MI

Zeal Aerial Fitness

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Grand Rapids

Zeal Aerial Fitness is a leading aerial fitness studio located in a huge warehouse on the southwest side of Grand Rapids. The studio most definitely lives up to its name, the instructors most certainly have the zeal as they have a great passion for teaching each and every student. 

The instructors will make sure that you grow into the best version of yourself both physically and mentally in a safe and welcoming environment.

Zeal hosts private events and a number of fitness classes that include, pole dance, silk, hoop workout, and flexibility. The studio has committed itself to helping change this stigma and stereotypes around pole dancing and aerial fitness. 

Many people still hold on to the idea that pole dancing is done by women for the entertainment of men in strip clubs and Zeal is on a mission to change this. Zeal is an inclusive environment that welcomes people from all walks of life. 

The studio has taken all the steps necessary to make sure that they are supportive especially of women and minorities. 

Classes are structured for you to get the best out of the health benefits associated with each class such as increased flexibility from pole classes. Proving that Zeals customer service is second to none, the studio has earned an excellent 5 stars.


1111 Godfrey Ave SW Grand Rapids MI 49503




Drop-in Aerial$25
5 class pack$125
10 class pack$200
1-year unlimited membership$99/month
6-month unlimited membership$125/month
Month to month unlimited membership$150

Invert Michigan

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Grand Rapids

Invert Michigan is a Pole and Aerial fitness studio that offers pole and aerial classes to both men and women of Grand Rapids. Invert’s mission is to make circus arts more accessible and to also bring to you a fun and safe learning environment. 

Instructors also pride themselves in teaching proper technique whilst simultaneously building strength. You will receive quality training from a team of talented and well-rounded women at affordable prices.

Invert Michigan offers a variety of classes that include:

-Aerial silks


-Pole fitness

– and Flexibility training

The studio has received an excellent 5 stars for its incredible and supportive instructors. To sign up for classes and more contact the studio at invertmi@gmail.com


820 Monroe Ave NW #120 Grand Rapids, MI 49503




Drop-in class trial$15
Drop-in class$25
4 class pass$80
Unlimited monthly membership$140
Unlimited 3-month membership$130

Flirt Fitness Studio

One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Grand Rapids

Flirt Fitness Studios are premier pole fitness studios located in Grand Rapids and Muskegon both in West Michigan. The studios are made up of a loving community of women who build and empower each other. 

The studio’s goal is to inspire all women to grow and feel confident in their skin, to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. This environment allows for all women to form lifelong friendships and for Flirt to be a second home and community. 

The studio is open for all women, meaning anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome to the studio, and women of all kinds are embraced.

Classes are perfect for all women of all body types and ages, so you don’t have to worry or hesitate about joining due to your abilities. 

All classes are taught by PFA certified instructors who are all subjected to a 16-week training program as well as continuous training. They will be able to accommodate your needs and teach you the best that Flirt Fitness has to offer. 

This includes pole workout classes, workshops parties, and more. The studio has scored a well-deserved 4.6 stars from 54 reviews.


Grand Rapids Studio

5366 Plainfield Ave NE J Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Muskegon Studio

5312 Grand Haven Rd Norton Shores, MI 49441




First pole class$225
Second & Third pole class$150
Intro class$30
Session classes$225
3 pack private lessons$180


One of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Grand Rapids

OPENDANCE Academy is one of the best decisions you can make for your pole fitness journey. It is one of the world’s best online studios and hence is a great alternative for in-person studios. 

Should the ones around you be out of reach or not particularly a great fi then OPENDANCE might be the for you. At OPENDANCE you’ll find classes suited for whatever your needs are, so if you want fun or classes to work on your health then you’ll find them all here.

One of the most popular courses at the academy is the Pole to Pole Choreo & Floorwork. This is the perfect course to take if you want to merge static and spinning pole techniques or would like to learn floorwork techniques. 

The instructors have analyzed a lot of common landing and dismounts on the pole from showcase videos, experience, and competitions and they have applied their analyses to this course. 

Dimitry the instructor has prepared dance and floorwork routines to incorporate into your pole routine. The course contains 17 lessons, 12 are dance and floor work choreography, and 5 are floorwork transitions. 

There is a wide variety of classes available and all you need is an open space, a dance pole, some gym attire, access to the internet, and mobile devices. 

The academy also now has a mobile app to help you arrange lessons and learn on the go!




Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class- Beginner and Intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner & Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced & Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Chore and Floorwork$150

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