Chances are, you have come in search of pole dance classes in Hollywood, FL. That is great! Pole dancing has been gaining popularity over the past few years. It’s an intense and exhilarating workout that improves your strength, endurance, and flexibility, as well as coordination with core muscles!

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You may want to work on improving all aspects of your fitness. Even as a beginner hoping to find a new community, and learn the vertical arts,  or as an experienced dancer who wants to advance their game – you’ve come to the right place!

The 5 Best Pole Dance Classes In Hollywood, FL (2022)

Pole Felony Fitness 

Pole Felony - One Of The Best Pole Dance Classes In Hollywood FL

Pole Felony Fitness is a 5 star rated studio that is 15-minutes away from Hollywood, FL.  The studio boasts of a radical approach to pole dancing by teaching sexy moves that will give you a killer body.  They teach the more complicated dance poses that can be dangerous but with the instructor’s extra care to do a step-by-step execution. 

NanDee, the owner of the studio, is an instructor and passionate teacher.  She brings that energy and inspiration to the classes. You will enjoy the great music playlist in a very clean and intimate space while learning the poses through self-reflection and exploration. 

You will learn the strategies and process of the pole dancing journey with a deeper appreciation of the pole movements.

You choose what part of pole dancing you want to focus on, beginning with the stretch exercise to pole conditioning.  The drills target the endurance on the pole while your muscle flexibility is stretched and developed. 

The studio has a 13-feet height measurement that gives you more than enough space to move and twirl which adds some holding pauses in between. 


18970 NE 4th Ct Miami, FL 33179



1 Pole Fitness Class$33
Open Pole Practice$18
Flexi Felon (Stretching)$25
4 Pole Pack$90
10 Class Pack$180
Unlimited Monthly Pass $230
6 Month Unlimited Class Pass$195/month
1 Private Pole Lesson$85

Flamingo Dance & Fitness Studio

One Of The Best Pole Dance Classes In Hollywood FL

The 4.9 rated Flamingo Dance & Fitness Studio is a short 10-minute drive from Hollywood, FL. It has a unique setup of both an outdoor training area and an indoor health studio where pole dancing takes place.  This set-up disperses a large gathering of people in a contained space, and works well for different activities.

You will appreciate the party lights and luxury sound music for your pole dancing.  It has enough privacy that you can enjoy exploring pole movements as you learn them step by step.  The instructors recognize different skill levels and consider that as they supervise group classes.  They can also do individual training programs for private lessons. 

You enter a welcoming environment where both instructors and students strive to make pole dancing an enjoyable experience.

You learn some dance movements but the focus is on working the upper arms and core as a fitness regimen. You will notice many changes beginning with the shedding of unwanted pounds and a new sense of self-confidence in your body. 


727 S 21st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020



Pole Dance – 4 classes$100
Pole Dance – 8 classes$160
Pole Dance – 12 classes$220
Pole Dance – 16 classes$270
Pole Dance – unlimited$200/month
Groupon- Two Pole Dance Classes$25
Groupon- Four Pole Dance Classes$49

Sensual Souls Pole Dance & Fitness 

Sensual Souls Pole Dance & Fitness 

A short 10-minute drive from Hollywood, FL will bring you to the 4.4 rated Sensual Souls Pole Dance & Fitness. The studio promotes a variety of classes for the ordinary woman, to proclaim her beauty, confidence, self-expression, and sensuality. 

They acknowledge that the students fantasize to be a beautiful dancer and teach you to achieve that goal without any judgments.

You enter a studio that offers many forms of pole dancing and fitness that will make you let go of any inhibitions as you learn the poses.  It is a safe and comfortable environment, where ladies have fun getting to know their bodies. You work on your flexibility and upper body strength as well as your core muscles as you execute the movements.

Pole dancing is a way to diversity in your ordinary workout with the climbing and inverting moves that test your ability to hold your weight.  The instructors take the time to observe each student and slowly guide you through the poses so you don’t feel left out with others who are a bit more advanced in their pole dancing journey.


2850 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33020



Membership- 3 Months$149/month
Membership- 6 Months$139/month
Membership- 12  Months$129/month
Group Lesson- 1 Class$30
Group Lessons- 3 Classes$65
Group Lessons- 5 Classes$100
Group Lessons- 10 Classes$179
Group Lessons- 15 Classes$250
Group Lessons- 20 Classes$300
Group Lessons- 30 Days Unlimited $199
Group Lessons- 50 Classes$650
Group Lessons- 100 Classes$1,000
Private Lessons- 1 on 1$75
Private Lessons- 1 on 2$60 each
Private Lessons- 1 on 3$50 each
Private Lessons- 5 privates (single)$60 each
Private Lessons- 10 privates (single)$50 each
Pole Parties- 1 hour no food (max 10 people)$200
Pole Parties- 2 hours table with food & drinks  (max 10 people)$350
Pole Parties- Each Additional Hour (max 30 people) $100

Vertical Addicts

Vertical Addicts

Vertical Addicts has a 5-star rating and is only 14-minutes away from Hollywood, FL. The studio promotes an artistic picture of pole dancing with a painting.  The pole is like a canvas, the brush is your body, and the soul is the paint.  Depending on how you use the three items, you can turn a self-portrait into a masterpiece.  

The unique philosophy behind learning pole dancing is an alter-ego of yourself that’s come out to play.  With your idea of how you want to proceed with your pole dancing journey, learning the poses and movements are goals you can accomplish.  This will depend on building strength and losing weight in the process.  It is a different workout than what you are used to.

The gym has group sessions that you can join and encourages you to commit to a membership package so you don’t back down in your total transformation. 

You will be surprised to discover your sensual side through pole dancing as you work on the smooth flow of the movements.  From the intro to Pole to the advanced stage of the workout, you have to commit and continue. 


7161 Pembroke Rd Ste 1 Miramar, FL 33023



Membership- Sapphire Package- 3 months unlimited$160/month
Membership- Emerald Package- 12 months unlimited$140/month
Membership- Monthly Package-  1 month unlimited$200/month
Pole Parties- Pole Party Package-  (max 8 guests)$200/hour
Pole Parties- Pole Party Package- (max 10 guests)$350/2 hours
Pole Parties- Pole Party Package- (max 14 guests)$450/3 hours

Exotic Workouts

Exotic Workouts

Exotic Workouts with a 5-star rating is 28 minutes away from Hollywood, FL.  A studio is an intimate place for you to do an alternative fitness routine for any age. 

Pole Dance Classes In Hollywood

It is a welcome area for both mother and daughter to get into the pole dancing groove without shame or hesitation. Any woman of size, shape, and age is welcome in this studio. 

As you join the pole dance class, you start with a transformation process to embrace your inner sensual being.  You start with the beginners class as a pole virgin, intermediate as a pole kitten, advanced as a pole cheetah. 

The highest level is the pole jaguar where you do elite athletics. The other classes involve chairs, aerobics, power spins, and handsprings. 

You feel a sense of connection and support when you enter this pole dance community.  The instructors carefully observe your pole dance level and quickly adjust to your capability so you feel a sense of accomplishment after your practice.  The main purpose of practicing pole dancing is to rediscover yourself through the mind, body, and spirit. 


4729 N University Dr Sunrise Studio Lauderhill, FL 33351 



Intro To Pole$25
Power Spins & Handsprings $25
Climbs & Inverts$25
Pole Aerobics$25
Sultry Vixen$25
Floor Play $25

Final Notes

With the many pole dance studios that are very near the Hollywood, FL area you can take your pick and see where you feel a sense of belonging.  This is the best time to get into a fun and exciting fitness exercise that also boosts your self-confidence.  Take a look at the list above and book yourself into a class now to see why pole dancing is gaining popularity among women. 

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