Women and men can both do pole dancing, which is an amazing form of exercise. You know how challenging, but also rewarding this sport can be if you’ve ever tried it! 

The best part is that you don’t have to be an athlete or fitness buff to participate in classes. That’s right! Pole dancing classes in Athens, GA are there to help anyone wherever they are in their respective journeys.

Pole dancing classes are available to teach you the basics and get you started. For those who wish to advance their skills, there are also classes in advanced and intermediate levels.

All in all, here are the best places to start looking for pole dancing communities near Athens, Georgia:

The 5 Best Pole Dancing Classes In Athens, GA (2024)

5 Best Pole Dancing Classes In Athens, Georgia

Empowerme Fitness

Empowerme Offers some of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Athens, GA

Located only an hour and fifteen minutes outside of the core of Athens, GA sits one of Georgia’s newest, and hottest pole dancing studios, EmpireMe Fitness Studios.

Introducing the newest fitness studio on Southside! Inspired, uplifted, and empowered to empower individuals to be their best selves using non-traditional aspects of fitness! 

Pole Fitness, Barre, and Lyra classes are offered at varying skill levels to women of all walks of life. They have created a space where women can walk in under their cloaks of insecurities and self-doubt.

With the confidence that they’ll be able to gradually shed all those layers of doubt and awake their inner sexy goddess with inner power and strength. 

There are five main instructors. Creamesicle who teaches Pole & Lyra. Nurse Pound Cake who teaches Dance Fitness.

Lolafontina teaches Pole Fitness. Lollipop teaches Twerk & Pole. And Southern Comfort who also teaches Pole Fitness. All the instructors are motivating, helpful, and kind. 

The studio maintains a 5-star rating on Google, with women raving about the experience and value they’ve received from the classes. You can participate in a class by booking online or by dropping in. There is also an opportunity to snag a 5 class or unlimited pass.


EmpowerMe Fitness Studio 2143 GA-155 N, McDonough, GA 30252




Drop-In Pole$20
Drop-In Barre$25
5 Class Pass Card$50
Unlimited Class Card$175


Polelateaz Offers some of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Athens, GA

Polelateaz is located in 2 locations, both less than two hours away from Athens, GA.  The first is located in Brookhaven, Atlanta. While the other is located in the downtown Beltline core of also in Atlanta.

The studio has been in business for over fifteen years. They still maintain a 4.9 star average from a whopping 528 reviews on Google for their instructors and atmosphere.

The classes appeal to women of all ages and backgrounds. Women of all ages, shapes, and fitness levels attend their classes, from career women to stay-at-home mothers and students.

Polelateaz does not require any prior coordination, fitness experience or strength. There are also no eight counts … just sensual, slow movements tailored to each student. 

The studio is dedicated to igniting the feminine essence through movement, dance, and fitness. They offer classes to help you discover your authentic movement and style. Every woman moves differently, and they celebrate that. This is the essence of who they are.

They unlock, amplify, and celebrate your feminine body’s natural language through their sensual workouts. Your body will amaze you and you will experience a mesmerizing transformation from the inside out. Prepare to soar!



2700 NE Expy Building C Suite 300 Atlanta Ga 30345

Downtown Beltline (Satellite Location; Inside of Sky Barre) 

210 Bill Kennedy Way Suite 902 Atlanta Ga 30316




Single Drop In$30
12 Credit Bundle (2 – 3 Classes)$50 
30 Credit Bundle (5 – 8 Classes)$125
EYES WIDE SHUT – 3 Week Unlimited Intro Package$75 (Only Valid For 1st Month)
ISIS – Drop In Membership (8 – 10 Classes)$125/Month
PANDORA – 12 Month Membership$175/Month
AFRODITE – 6 Month Membership$225/Month

Fit Candy Studio

Fit Candy Studio Offers some of the Best Pole Dancing Classes In Athens, GA

Fit Candy Studio is a place that all women can enjoy. This is a personal getaway that lasts from 1-4 hours per week. Become a part of their home away from home fitness studio that has been designed with a feminine flair.

​Fit Candy presents Fun, Flirty & Challenging Fitness Classes for Women, with Amazing Instructors and Studio Members!

​Through Dance and Cardio Movement, their Confidence Boosting Classes produce Amazing Fitness Results, Increased Flexibility, Mental Therapy, and Beautiful Muscle Tone.

They also host private lessons and offer their space for private pool parties. The studio maintains a 4.9-star rating for its fantastic instructors and extraordinary experience.


1410 Klondike Rd, Suite J, Conyers, Ga. 30094 




Pole Dance Class$20
Drop-In Pole University Rate$35
Private Pole Lessons (1 Hr.)$85
4 Week Consecutive Pole University Classes$150 

Spice Pole Fitness

Pole Dancing Classes In Athens

Spice Pole and Aerial Fitness understands that you want to feel fulfilled in all aspects of your life. However, when do we find the time to prioritize ourselves among our busy schedules? 

When you feel like something is missing, you can feel a bit lost. In these times, you need to stop and think about what matters to you. Spend time exploring and connecting with yourself throughout your day.

Due to their own journeys, they know what it is like to want to feel accomplished, confident, and celebrated.

Spice Pole and Aerial Fitness was born out of this need. Through the teaching of their award-winning, expert-certified instructors, they have created a judgment-free environment where women can express themselves sensually and love themselves unconditionally.

Strengthening yourself physically and mentally is easy when you:

  • Explore their classes
  • Take a pole or aerial introductory class
  • Enjoy getting fit while having fun

The studio has received a 4.8-star rating for the versatility of its classes accommodating all students whether they are at the beginner, intermediate or expert level.


2148 Duluth Hwy, Suite 106 Duluth, GA 30097




Sweet + Spicy: New Client 3-Class Pass$97
Spice Glow: 4-Week Intro to Pole Intensive$109
Taste of Spice Trial Membership: 8-Class Pass$124
Reconnect: A Journey Back to Self-Love$324

OpenDance Academy 

Pole Dancing Classes In Athens

If traveling an hour or two for classes doesn’t work for you, virtual pole fitness classes with OpenDance Academy may be the solution for you. 

Pole instructors from around the world instruct at the Virtual Studio, whose courses are designed to meet the needs of students. There is a course in the academy for every skill level.

The Complete Class 2 Advance & Expert course might be for you if you have experience on the pole and have moved beyond intermediate levels. It includes all the hottest and latest pole dancing techniques and trends.

You will have lifetime access to this course. Vane Lunatica, Sergia Anderson, Natasha Wang, and many others will teach you signature pole tricks.

There are 183 lectures in the course that last for 298 minutes. Take full advantage of your time! You can spice up your routine by learning new tricks and techniques from this course.




Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class- Beginner and Intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner & Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced & Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Chore and Floorwork$150
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