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Lyra hoops are circular steel rings suspended in the air by a cable or long cord. Acrobats often use it to showcase their aerial acrobatic skills. Today, there are several competitions for Lyra hoop performances, whether solo, in a pair, or group.

Lyra hoops are also known as aerial rings, aerial hoops, and cerceaux.

What Is Lyra Hoop?

What Were The Origins Of Lyra Hoop?

What Were The Origins Of Lyra Hoop?

The use of hoops as recreational products dates back to the 18th century. In the late 1800s, however, it was used in an advertisement by the performer Caedo.

Among the first aerial rings specifically designed for aerial performances, Caedo’s hoop was considered the most notable.

As early as the mid-2000s, its use was popularized by Cirque du Soleil. Aerial hoop classes are being introduced in dance studios around the world, which is increasing its popularity.

What Equipment Is Needed For Lyra Hoop?

Understanding Rigging

Rigging refers to the entire aerial hoop setup. A professional who specializes in installing this kind of equipment can help you hook up your Lyra hoop to the ceiling.

When you buy Lyra hoops from some sellers, they will install them for you. However, on Amazon, you can get an entire portable Lyra hoop stainless steel setup, that doesn’t need installing. Just set up in your home or park and have a swing!

The cost of altering the design of your room may be prohibitive, and you may feel hesitant about attaching permanent structures just for your Lyra hoops.

Alternatively, free-standing rig setups like the one above, that do not require alterations to the room for the installation of Lyra hoops are suitable for most.

What About Tabs?

The suspension cables can be hooked onto protrusions along the edge of Lyra hoops. Tabs serve as these connections. Depending on the positioning of the tabs, lyra hoops can spin or remain stationary, allowing performers to tailor the effect to their liking.

In addition, there are rings without tabs at all (tab-less), allowing the performer to choose the setup that suits them best.

A nylon cable, polyester cable, or reinforced steel cable is attached to the tabs. The cables and tabs may be connected with carabiners and swivels to improve stability and ring movement.

What Is A Lyra Hoop Made Of?

What Is A Lyra Hoop Made Of?

Lyra hoops are typically made from either aluminum or steel. Steel hoops are heavier and more expensive than aluminum ones. Due to their thickness, steel ones are more expensive and can handle heavier loads.

Hollow or solid lyra tubing can also be used for hooping. Hollow tubing is lighter and tends to spin more easily. On the other hand, a solid hoop is harder to spin, but once it has accumulated momentum, it will continue to spin longer than a hollow one.

It’s important to consider the material composition of your Lyra hoop. Aluminum and steel have different static and dynamic load capacities.

When you’re in the hoop, your static load is your body weight. As you move, the static load becomes a dynamic load, exerting up to five times your original weight on the hoop. Lyra hoop packages usually list the dynamic load (e.g. 3,000lbs) on the specifications list.

How Big Is A Lyra Hoop?

Lyra hoops are measured by the external diameter of the ring; the tubing measures up to two inches in diameter. Most manufacturers offer sizes between 30in and 40in, but some offer size customization.

Sit straight on a chair, measure the length from the base of the chair to the top of your head, and add 2 inches to the result.

Can You Connect A Lyra Hoop To A Dance Pole?

Can You Connect A Lyra Hoop To A Dance Pole?

Yes, it is possible to connect a Lyra hoop to a dance pole. However, it is important to make sure that both the hoop and the pole are properly secured before beginning any exercises or stunts.

It is also important to be aware of your own abilities and limitations and to always use caution when performing any stunts or exercises.

There are a few different ways that you could connect a Lyra hoop to a dance pole. One way would be to purchase an adapter specifically designed for this purpose. Another way would be to use some type of clamp or connector that can attach the two devices together.

Whichever method you choose, make sure that the connection is stable and strong enough to support the weight of the hoop. Also, be sure to exercise caution when using these devices together, as there is always potential for injury if not used correctly.

XPole sell a Lyra Hoop Pole that they have designed to satisfy both the poler and aerialist alike. It can be used with their standalone dance pole stage, The X-Stage.

If you are serious about taking either your aerial or pole to the next level and combining the two arts, this will be a solid investment.


Lyra hoops are circular steel rings suspended in the air by a long cord or cable. It is often used to showcase aerial acrobatic skills by acrobats.

Lyra hoop competitions are today held for solo, duo, and group performances. Aerial rings, hoops, and cerceaux are sometimes also called Lyra hoops.

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