The world of modeling is more diverse than many people think.

From fashion to plus-size to child models, there are a variety of types that come together to form the larger industry.

In this article, we’ll explore what each type of model entails and why they’re important in today’s society.

Fashion Modeling

Fashion modeling involves showcasing clothes from different designers on runways and in print ads or magazines.

Fashion models must be tall with thin figures, usually ranging between 5’8″ and 6’0.

Additionally, fashion models should have well-proportioned bodies with long arms, legs, and torsos.

They also need strong facial features for editorial shoots as well as high cheekbones for runway shows.

When it comes to work duties, fashion models typically pose for pictures wearing clothing from various designers or walk down runways sporting garments during runway shows at fashion weeks around the world like New York City’s prestigious event twice a year.

To be successful in this field requires having an eye for detail when it comes to styling clothing according to current trends as well being able to capture attention while walking down a crowded catwalk full of distractions.


Commercial Modeling

In contrast with fashion modeling which focuses on high-end designer pieces often out of reach for most consumers; commercial modeling centers around everyday brands that can be found anywhere such as malls or supermarkets.

This type does not require any specific height requirements but rather focuses more on personality traits like charisma or energy level along with physical characteristics like age (ex: teen vs middle aged) that match up with certain products being promoted by companies.



Commercial jobs can range from television commercials promoting consumer products all the way through print ads featuring household items such as dishwashers or refrigerators – depending upon the client’s needs.


Plus Size/Curve Modeling

Plus size/curve modeling is exactly what its name implies: representing those who wear sizes above 10 – 12 (or sometimes 8).

Plus size models have become increasing popular over time due fuel their message about body positivity and self love — something sorely needed in today’s image obsessed culture where people feel pressure constantly striving towards unrealistic goals.


To qualify for plus size modelling you don’t need any special qualifications it’s just about having natural curves within your body measurements .

Depending upon the job you may even find yourself posing alongside other “plus sized” individuals creating powerful images illustrating how beauty isn’t one shape fits all concept.

, When it comes specifically working duties; these tasks vary widely but generally involve showcasing apparel designed specifically flatter curvier frames either through digital platforms websites campaigns etc… .

Child Modeling Child modelling is quite unique compared other types discussed thus far because young children naturally possess innocence charming qualities which make them ideal candidates represent certain brands target audience – particularly younger consumers.




As far qualifications go there no formal education required however some agencies prefer experienced talent so if you have prior experience great! It doesn hurt check out local casting calls sign up few agencies get your foot door!.

Working wise children expected look cute friendly happy doing whatever task given whether commercial shoot magazine ad playing part movie tv show etc… Keep mind parents expected stay close ensure safety welfare child during entire process ensuring they receive proper breaks rest throughout day avoid exhaustion dehydration etc….

Conclusion While four main types modelling discussed here certainly aren only ones exist within industry itself noteworthy because highlight differences nuances making them invaluable tools understanding complexities profession whole … Key takeaway remember everyone has place within modelling regardless race gender age background ability etc… Everyone deserves chance succeed embrace uniqueness makes individual stand!




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