Over the last few years, pole dancing has been gaining popularity and has reached nearly every corner of the globe. It has changed from what many people associated with sleazy nightclubs into a graceful art that empowers you through fun, liberating fitness.

But if you’ve been looking for pole dancing classes in Juneau, AK, and haven’t found anything that meets your needs, you are not alone. We’ve searched for pole dancing studios and found only one in Juneau, AK, and the surrounding areas.

However, should you find that this option isn’t suitable for you for whatever reason, we’ve included something else in the article that could help you achieve all your pole dancing goals.

The Best Pole Dancing Classes Juneau AK (2024)

AK Inverted

AK Inverted

Known initially as Pole Fitness and Dance, Juneau, AK Inverted began offering classes in 2014. It’s a haven for people of all sizes, shapes, and levels to come and practice their skills, strength and have outright fun.

AK Inverted offers a variety of engaging classes, such as the Beginner Pole Fitness. The class, designed for new students, is excellent for conditioning and developing a solid understanding and foundation of pole fitness. The class is also ideal for students who are continuing to grow and build their pole fitness knowledge and experience. 

The studio also offers a conditioning and tricks class that strengthens you for all your endeavors on and off the pole.

The instructor incorporates tricks and transitions, making it an excellent class for anyone who wants to stay fit and grow in their ability and strength. What’s more, you can explore the fundamentals of exotic pole dancing, exotic floor work, and striptease at the beginners’ heels class. 

Meet Alyssa- The owner and principal instructor

Alyssa began teaching private lessons from her basement in 2014. She is a professional pole fitness certified in levels 1, 2, 3, and 4.

She passionately teaches her students how to implement pole fitness into their exercise routines to build muscle and increase body awareness, flexibility, and self-confidence.

What’s more, she encourages students to explore the artistic and sensual side through pole dancing as a strength-based mode of self-expression. 


5326 Shaune Dr, Juneau, AK 99801, United States




Sampler pass$30 One time purchase valid for one week Discounted for new students at AK Inverted
Bold Beginner$145 valid for one month Access to Beginner and Pole 1
Moving on up! $220 A package for intermediate students Valid for one monthAccess to Beginner heels, pole 1, and pole 2
Pole gym pass$95Monthly pole gym passValid for one month
4 private lessons $1504 private lessons, use any time
6 Youth Semi-Private$2656 semi-private classes for children aged 10-17 Valid for one month
4 Zoom Private Lessons $1104 virtual private lessons, use any time

Online Pole Dancing Classes Juneau AK

Online Pole Dancing Classes Juneau AK

If you’re longing to pole dance, and the fitness option in Juneau, AK isn’t meeting your needs, you should consider getting your own pole dance classes at home. Open Dance Academy is the ultimate online platform that presents video lessons from industry leaders.

It’s a blend of modern digital technology and athletes’ talent, which allows you to enjoy masterclasses in the comfort of your home or dance studio 24/7. 

Pole dancing is a lifelong activity with an innumerable number of combinations and movements to keep you inspired. As such, Open Dance Academy presents an array of precise, simple videos designed to teach you the essential techniques and skills that will make you a pole dancing god/dess.

Moreover, the open dance academy is a limitless world for creation and self-expression. The educational resource is full of videos by industry leaders and professionals, sharing advice, tips, and famous moves and tricks you won’t find anywhere else.

All lessons are marked Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert level. You can easily access the lessons or courses that meet your needs. Note that complete courses give you access to special techniques and moves that will speed up your dancing skills.

The professionals at Open Dance Academy understand that pole dance is unique from any other form of art in that you pull yourself up on a pole, spin yourself, and rely on your stability, support, and finesse. As such, they will guide you to increase your agility, strength, and flexibility. That will help you improve your techniques and become the pole-dancer you always dreamed of.




Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class- Beginner and Intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner & Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced & Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Chore and Floorwork$150

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