Are you looking for pole dance classes in Cheyenne, WY and can’t find anything? You aren’t alone. We’ve also searched the area and nothing has come up so far. While we are sorry for that, how about we give you a more immediate solution? Check out these studios that we’ve suggested for you. They are located in Fort Collins, about 45 minutes drive from Cheyenne.

However, if these options don’t meet your needs for whatever reasons, we will show you (giving reasons) another way you can learn pole dancing – Read on!

Looking For Pole Dance Classes in Cheyenne, WY? (2024)

Lime Light Fitness

Looking For Pole Dance Classes in Cheyenne, WY?

Lime Light Fitness was founded in 2017 by Kim Lang, a woman whose passion is to help people learn and grow. They specialize in teaching pole fitness, Hulla-Hoop, Dance, Yoga, Aerial Silk and Lyra classes. 

The studio offers both group and private classes in a clean, airy and light environment. In order to help you achieve your goals faster, they limit their classes to 9 students per session. This way, the instructors give you personalized attention. Therefore, you are advised to book a spot in advance to avoid missing out since they discourage sharing of poles.

Their pole dance curriculum is modified to meet your training level while providing you with safe and progressive practice. The lessons are taught by Xpert certified instructors who are committed to giving you an amazing experience.

The studio also has a unique pole dance series where over 4 sessions, you learn, repeat, perfect and put together dance moves to create a routine. 

Apart from dance classes, they also provide hire and performance services. You can rent the studio for parties and events or hire them to perform. With the state-of-the-art pole dance area, they can accommodate any type and size of party. 


1611 S. College Ave Suite102 Fort Collins, CO 80525



     Package                                                             Cost

Single class$22
5 class pack$105
10 class pack $200
15 class pack$260
Membership $205

Vertical Fusion

Looking For Pole Dance Classes in Cheyenne, WY?

Vertical Fusion was founded by the award-winning Melanie Piek in 2011. She aimed to create a space where people can re-discover their identity and experience their own transformations through dance. The studio is located in two areas- one in Boulder and another in Fort Collins Colorado.

They offer in-studio classes as well as online classes which are streamed live. They teach a vast array of pole dancing styles in a safer, easier and more enjoyable way. The styles have levels ranging from beginner to advanced that are tailored to meet your needs. The pole dance styles offered include contemporary, sexy, athletic and everything in between.

Besides dance classes, the studio offers entertainment and event services. You can book them for professional performance and entertainment at corporate events, festivals and concerts. They also rent out the studio for parties. For more details, visit their website.

The vertical studio is described as a community of supportive women, with a fantastic owner and phenomenal instructors. What else would you ask for?


3523 S. Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80525



Drop-in packages

      Type of Package                                                                 Cost

5 classes ( pole enthusiast package)                $115
10 classes ( pole enthusiast package)                $210
5 classes ( premier package)                $120
10 classes ( premier package)                $220
Unlimited Membership

        Type of Package                                                                    Cost

6 months ( pole enthusiast)                    $210
12 months ( pole enthusiast)                    $190
6 months ( premier package)                    $225
12 months( premier package)                    $205
Limited Membership

       Type of Package                                                       Cost

4 classes /month ( pole enthusiast)            $83
8 classes /month (pole enthusiast)            $150
12 classes/month( pole enthusiast)            $200
4 classes/month ( premier package)            $88
8 classes/month (premier package)            $160
12 classes/month (premier package)            $215

Well, even with the above options, you may not be able to drive to Fort Collins every other day for various reasons. Whatever reasons there may be, Open Dance Academy would be a viable alternative for you.

Open Dance Academy

Looking For Pole Dance Classes in Cheyenne, WY?

This is the largest online pole dancing platform, where you can learn from world-renowned pole dance experts such as Evgeny Greshilov, Maddie Sparkle, and Pink Puma.

They offer six-course options designed with lessons to suit beginners as well as experienced pole dancers. Before subscribing to a complete course, you can start with the trial course. Alternatively, you can check out the free courses offered, then decide later. 

They also have a platinum package in which you can access over 450 pole dancing lessons for life.

How to join: Visit their website and register. Choose any of the courses offered and pay via credit or PayPal. Upon completion of payment, login and start your lessons.

The website can be easily accessed on your mobile, tablet or computer.



(10% OFF with our code: POLEMODEL)

Pole Dance Platinum Lifetime Access$350
Flexibility & Stretching Class$199
Exotic Class Pole Dance Lifetime Access$250
Trial Class- Beginner and Intermediate$40
Complete Class 1 (Beginner & Intermediate) Lifetime Access$199
Complete Class 2 (Advanced & Expert) Lifetime Access$199
Men Only Pole Dancing$250
Pole to Pole Chore and Floorwork$150

Why online pole dance classes?


Online pole dance classes are convenient when there’s no school near you or when you lack the confidence to learn along with others.

As opposed to in-class lessons where instructors can be too fast, online lessons allow you to learn at your own speed. You can rewind, slow down or fast forward the sessions as many times as you want.

You can also easily access lessons from the most sort after instructors and above all, online classes save you the time and money required to drive or commute to a physical class. All you need is your own dance pole!

Wrapping up 

Limitations only exist when you let them. If you are committed, then the lack of a school in your area shouldn’t be among the reasons you can’t learn pole dance. We hope that you explore the suggestions listed above. Meanwhile, we shall keep an eye out for any school that’s bound to open in Cheyenne. Happy dancing!

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