Twitch updated its guidelines on sexually suggestive content and nudity in April of 2020. As a result of the community guidelines, erotic dancing, simulated sex acts, and pole dancing that has a “sexual framing” are now prohibited. These are now thought to be a part of what has been deemed by Twitch as explicitly sexual behaviors.

The list includes:

  • Sexual Exploitation and Violence
  • Sexually Suggestive Content, and
  • Nudity and Attire

What does this mean for pole dancers who would like to stream? Read on to find out!

So, Is Pole Dancing Allowed On Twitch?

The simplest way to answer this question is with a yes, but there is a strict guideline that you will need to follow to remain within Twitch’s new TOS. Bear in mind that, anything done on the platform can be deemed inappropriate. 

If you would like to stream your pole dancing on Twitch, you will need to establish your professional reputation and stand your ground in the art of dance. This means you should avoid moves that mimic sexual activities. Most of the successful pole dancers on the platform have spun their channels to include more informational content that can help their viewers get into or practice pole dancing.

You will need to be mindful of not only the moves that you do but also what you wear as well as the positioning of your body parts while streaming. Let’s take a look at a brief recap of all you will need to keep in mind to ensure you don’t break the new rules.

What Should I Wear When Pole Dancing on Twitch?

What Should I Wear When Pole Dancing on Twitch?

This area tends to get a tad tricky as you need exposed skin to grip onto the pole while dancing. You will need to find appropriate clothing that allows you to do this while adhering to the new nudity and clothing guidelines. Among these are:

  • The streamers who identify as women cannot expose their underbust or nipples, and their entire genital area should remain covered. This refers to the area extending from the waist to below your buttocks and pelvis. 
  • All clothes must be opaque-sheer clothing is not acceptable. 
  • Cleavage does not have any restrictions, so you won’t need to worry about low cuts. 

The dancers currently on the platform tend to wear leggings or free-flow pants with side splits or yoga pants with tank tops whenever they are not on the pole. They switch to short running shorts, yoga shorts, or cycling shorts once on the pole then back into their long pants once they are done.

Please remember that Twitch does not allow streamers to be naked, including exposing their buttocks or genitals. So, always ensure your shorts are long enough to cover those areas. Their policy also prohibits the visible outline of genitals, even when they are covered. 

What Does Twitch Consider As Sexually Suggestive Content?

What Does Twitch Consider As Sexually Suggestive Content?

On Twitch, users’ attire is not taken into account when evaluating the sexual suggestiveness of a behavior or activity, but rather the context and framing of the overall scene. Media assets that are focused on provocative images or videos, such as profile images, banners, panels, and emotes are also subject to this policy.

Some examples of content that is considered sexually suggestive include:

  • Erotic dances, including stripping and flashing
  • Acrobatics or pole dancing with a sexually suggestive frame 
  • Poses or content that emphasize the pelvic region, breasts, or buttocks.
  • Gross gestures or explicit touching of the genitals, breasts, or buttocks.
  • Behavior or activity based on sexual gratification, such as focusing on body parts or erotic role-playing
  • Sexual stimulation or simulated sex acts
  • Sexual toys being used or portrayed in contexts that are not related to sexual education
  • Including detailed descriptions of sexual acts or pornography in erotica, including posting, displaying, or sharing

Can Pole Dancing Be Done Without Being Sexually Suggestive? 

Can Pole Dancing Be Done Without Being Sexually Suggestive? 

Of course! In fact, pole dancing wasn’t about sex at all when it was first established. The act of pole dancing involves acrobatic tricks and movements using a pole, but it does not require stripping or erotic gestures. 

It is a challenging workout when you try it for the first time. In addition to working on several muscle groups at once, it is also a cardio exercise that requires strength, stamina, and agility. Although the idea of pole dancing may be different from your typical exercise classes, you will work just as hard. 

So, if Twitch happens to be your streaming platform of choice, simply focus on the athletic side of the sport. Do Q & A sessions about pole dancing and focus on technique rather than sexuality while keeping the new TOS in mind.


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